Search Engine Optimisation in Donegal

  SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – is the concept of making your website visible to search engines, and particularly Google. Google ranks websites based on the relevance of their content and their perceived importance and there are a set of SEO principles that can be used to ensure that a website is well optimised.

Maximum optimisation is vital if you want to be seen in search engine results. After all, there’s no point in having a brilliant website if it’s too difficult for potential visitors to find it. And the higher up the search results you are listed, the better it is for your business.

SEO services

  When I develop your website, I will make sure the foundations of SEO are in place. I can then help you develop an ongoing SEO strategy.

We will put in place simple but effective methods that will ensure your website establishes and maintains a good position in search engine rankings.

Reporting and Google Analytics

  When your optimised website is up and running you will of course be keen to see how well your SEO is performing.

Google Analytics provides a detailed breakdown of almost every aspect of your website’s performance. This includes the number of visitors, how they arrived at your website and how long they spent on it.

I will set up Google Analytics for your website, and show you how to extract and interpret the data it records. I’ll also advise how the data and reports it provides can be used to further refine and target your search engine optimisation strategy, keeping visitors coming to – and staying on – your website. For additional marketing assistance click here.